Licks, Tricks & Grooves

Welcome to my website Danny Raymond Drums.

I put this website together to make it a little easier for me to share my love and passion for playing and teaching, as well as, provide a super cool gateway to book me for lessons, teaching, writing or playing.

Be sure to take a peek at my drum blog.  I’ll be sharing my experiences, tips and insight about the world of drumming, entertainment and life in general.

Thanks for visiting the site.  Be sure to give us a Facebook like, or follow me on Twitter.  Either way…let’s stay connected.

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I Teach

metronome2If you are in the Orlando/Central Florida area, I am currently accepting new private students who want to have some fun learning how to become a better player, performer and musician.

I am also accepting long distance students through my SKYPE STUDIO.– Read more

I Play

cymbalStick2Need a drummer? I have over 30 years of professional experience and I am well versed in all things groovey, swingin’, funky, or rockin’.

As a seasoned Disney musician for over 25 years, I’ve played the gamut of gigs and I’m always open to new opportunities to make music. – See More

I Write

writingWith a pan in every fire, my pencil and imagination are no stranger to the entertainment business.

I am a published percussion arranger & author with and I’ve created everything from street acts for the Walt Disney World company…to indoor drumline shows for WGI World Open groups and local schools. – See my work

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