Hybrid Rudiments…Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 4.57.05 PMYou would think if you’re putting something out there for consideration, people would just take it or leave it. You know, freedom of choice…no big deal…kind of thing that in the long run doesn’t really bring the world to an end. Well, most people’s anyway. I’m talking about Hybrid Rudiments.  For the most part, my drumming friends are receptive to some of the patterns I’m referencing. They may even chuckle or just ignore them. Who knows, they might even pickup sticks and give them a go. Take it for what it is. No more, no less. I can’t believe how a small minority have over-reacted in a negative way and get all preachy…to them I say get over yourself! It’s really not that big a deal.

Hybrid Rudiments, variations of rudiments, specific sticking patterns, groupings, a farce…call them what you will. If I see and hear something that inspires me in ANY way, it just might find its way into my playing whether I came up with it or someone else did. Whether it’s already documented or isn’t…if I like playing it and it works within a context…it works. If I want to reference it, I will. Do names have to accompany these patterns? Well, I suppose they should be called something. I mean someone came up with names like paradiddle, flam, this or that.

So, check them out. Try them, or not. I encourage doing whatever drummers can to express themselves no matter what names accompany your stuff.


About the Author:

Danny Raymond is a world champion snare drummer and resident Walt Disney World performer & show designer. Playing drums since the age of three, Danny is an active performer and teacher in Orlando, Florida and a highly sought after judge and clinician throughout the nation.