The Guardsman

guardsmanThe Guardsman is Danny Raymond’s tribute to his father (also a drummer) that starts with his dad’s favorite rudimental drum lick. Written specially for a rope tension snare drum, the piece has a classic throwback feel that will make you want to play along.

And speaking of playing along, Danny has written a simple bass drum accompaniment part that is suitable for any level of player, so you can perform the piece as a duet! To download the bass drum accompaniment part for free, click here.

This piece comes as a bound folio containing the sheet music, performance notes, a notation key, and even warm-up exercises specific to the piece!

This solo was extracted from Danny’s 9-solo compilation DVD “Let It Rip.” The DVD contains not only printable PDFs of the sheet music and performance videos of each, but also tips & tricks, warm-up exercises, interviews, and more.

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